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The PROMETIS' quality of the services and activities are in line with the norm ISO 9001:2015



The firm's core services are transport and related areas research and development studies, various transport and traffic expertises, studies and projects, road traffic counts and transport engineering and design.


Responding to the customers' demand for road traffic counts services resulted with PROMETIS' representation of the firm Mikrobit in selling their counters on the territories of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Aiming to provide the customers the complete service in road traffic count PROMETIS offers counters installation, system maintenance, information telecommunication technologies configuration and others works serving the road traffic count.





Among the services the next can be stressed:

  • transport forecast,
  • transport planning,
  • urban transport studies,
  • road traffic safety analysis,
  • economic transport analysis,
  • transport and traffic logistics
  • transport processes rationalization,
  • traffic engeneering,
  • civil engineering,
  • road traffic count,
  • traffic surveys,
  • transport and traffic consulting, and
  • meetings organization (seminars, round tables, workshops, conferences,...).





Every service is tailored to the circumstances and particularity of the project in question. The adequacy of the methodology is governing force to project design, assuring high quality of project results.


PROMETIS gives the support to the customers in the projects implementation phases which is especially important for civil engineering and traffic engineering and design projects.