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The PROMETIS' quality of the services and activities are in line with the norm ISO 9001:2015



Transport studies and projects PROMETIS acquires on the biddings, and tenderers are state institutions and public enterprises, counties, cities and communities. Other private enterprises are mainly interested with detailed transport studies and civil engeneering and traffic planning and designing.


PROMETIS is the representative of Mikrobit Ltd. for Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, the manufacturer of modern traffic counters that use loops for vehicles detection.








Traffic count on the roads of the Republic of Croatia. Years 1971-2009.

Traffic count on the main roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Year 2007. Sarajevo. 2008.

Setting up of the traffic count system and remote data collection on the roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo. 2006.


Velika Gorica City transport study. 2010.

Economic zone of Krnjak – Krnjački Grabovac concept design. 2009.

Analisys of current state with proposal for betterment of transport in the Novi Zagreb district – East. 2009.

Study of road traffic accidents causes and consequences on the network of the Croatian motorways Ltd. with proposals of preventive measures. 2008.

Road No. 1042 Kalinovica-Draganić rehabilitation project. 2007.




Rehabilitation of the local roads with asphalt covering in the area of the commune Barilović. 2006.

Motorways traffic flow system. 2006.

E-roads and Trans-European Motorways in Croatia and through traffic corridors. 2005.

Optimal toll model study for goods vehicle III and IV categories using Croatian motorways out of the summer touristic season. 2005.

Investment and technical documentation of the new river Kupa bridge with access roads in the Sisak City. 2005.




Certainly, only selected references have been presented here.

Among PROMETIS' users are Croatian roads, Croatian motorways Ltd., Bina-Istra, City of Zagreb, numerous cities (e.g. City of Sisak and City of Velika Gorica), counties and communities and different enterprises.

In the studies and projects execution PROMETIS cooperates with other firms.


PROMETIS is the reference firm of the Croatian Central bureau of statistics in the area of traffic on the roads.